Breakfast CLUB

Why not join our Breakfast Club for a great start to the School day? 

Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day, studies show that eating breakfast improves children’s problem solving abilities, memory and concentration and help them start the school day on time, calm and ready for learning.

Breakfast Club

Our School Breakfast Club has been running for several years now and is very popular!

For just £1 your child will receive a healthy and nutritious breakfast under the supervision of qualified staff. Every day we have available a choice of cereals, toast, fruit and yoghurts as well as of our daily special.

Fruit tea cakes / Crumpets
Beans or Scrambled eggs on toast
Omelette / Toasted Muffin
Bacon / Sausage

Our Breakfast Club is open from 8:15am every day during the week, term time only.  We have a drop in policy whereby children do not have to attend daily and you don't have to book in advance - your child can just turn up at the John Spendluffe Canteen from 8.15am and pay on the day.

Your child will be supervised by member of our staff and escorted to School in time for registration.

What our Children say:

"It is important that you eat breakfast, as it is good for you and keeps you healthy. Tuesday is my favourite day as we have porriage."
- Mary Year 2

"There are lots of different things to choose from, My favourite cereal is cheerios"
- Liam Year 6

"I have a lovely time with my friends sharing toys and i love jam on toast"
- Kirsten Year 1


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Our School Council

The School council is an important role for students within our school.

This year we have dedicated a new page to giving you information about the councilors, their achievements and future plans. To find out more please click HERE.


OUR SCoRE Ambassadors

At Alford Primary School we are really proud of our SCoRE Ambassadors who have been working extremely hard in School to improve our energy saving and the impact this has on global warming issues.

Our 2014-2015 SCoRE Ambassadors did a great job helping us all to improve our energy saving practices in school. They reminded teachers to turn off projectors, lights and computers when not in use. Also they ensured windows were closed when the heating was on and they reminded their class mates to be careful with classroom resources.

We are sure our new upcoming SCoRE ambassadors will continue to be just as brilliant as their predecessors.


To view our gallery of what we have accomplished recently please click HERE.

We did it again!

Following our outstanding success in the 2013 & 2014 LAFTAs (Lincolnshire Awards for Film, Teamwork and Achievement), we have once again wowed the judges with our 2015 entry!

A group of children in Year 3/4 have worked incredibly hard during their movie making club to produce their amazing entry, 'The Great Escape'.

Click HERE to watch 'The Great Escape'

Even more amazingly Jim Broadbent (a famous actor) voted us his favourite film. We are really proud of this achievement. We have two wonderful trophies, t-shirts, 6 months subsription to purple mash staff training and some animation software!


After School Clubs

At Alford Primary School we are particularly proud of our extra curricular activities which provide a programme full of exciting activities which further enhance and extend our curriculum.

For more information please contact us or click HERE to see our latest timetable of clubs and activities.




After School Care

If your child needs looking after outside of school hours, Monty's afterschool club, which is based at mon-ami nursery on East Street in Alford, provide this facility.

Contact Number: 01507 462 228