We believe that children and staff should have the opportunity to develop as happy, confident and independent learners in an environment that is stimulating and caring.

Our energetic and creative staff are committed to providing the best primary education for all our children in a learning enviroment that is challenging. Our aim is that children of all abilities make atleast good progress from their starting points. Our curriculum is broad and balanced, delivered by means of stimulating learning themes. In both learning and behaviour, we set exceptionally high standards.

Over the years, our School has won numerous awards such as Arts Mark, Enhanced Healthy Schools, Basic Skills, Activemark and Financial Management standards.



The School was inspected by Ofsted in May 2016 and we recieved a Good judgment.

An excerpt from Summary of key findings for parents and pupils:
This is a good school

Children in Reception enjoy an exciting range of learning activities. They love the opportunities they have to discover things for themselves and make good progress. 

Pupils in Years 1 to 6 make good progress from their starting points.

Pupils’ behaviour in lessons and around the school is good. They are friendly and polite with adults. They work and play together happily.

Parents are overwhelmingly positive about the school. The comment, ‘My child receives a high quality, well-rounded education’, is representative of those made to inspectors.

An excerpt from Effectiveness of Leadership and Management:
This area is good

The senior leadership team and the governors responded with great determination to the previous inspection outcome. Their passionate commitment to the school and its community has been inspirational. They have successfully secured teaching that is at least good in all classes and ensured that all groups of pupils make good progress. 

The school’s planning, allocation and evaluation of its use of this [pupil premium] funding is now exemplary. The primary school physical education and sports funding is used well.

The leadership of provision for pupils who have special educational needs or disability is now a strength of the school.

Pupils are well prepared for life in modern Britain. The curriculum ensures that they have a good understanding of British values.

The governance of the school

Ten governors rearranged their diaries at short notice so that they could meet with the inspection team and attend the final feedback. This is indicative of their great commitment to Alford Primary. They are resolute that the school will sustain the impetus for improvement so that it is soon achieving outstanding outcomes. 

The arrangements for safeguarding pupils are effective.

An excerpt from Quality of Teaching, Learning and Assessment:
This area is good

Teaching in all classes successfully meets the school’s ambition that pupils will ‘Learn well, have fun, stay safe’. 

Good subject knowledge enables teachers to give clear explanations of concepts and processes. In all classes, teachers give a high priority to improving pupils’ abilities to use grammar correctly. Both in their lesson planning and during lessons, teachers take care to set plenty of challenge for the most able pupils. 

Homework supports learning successfully. In addition to reading, spelling and mathematics, pupils are set longer-term projects linked to their topic work. Displays and photographs show that pupils enjoy these projects and complete them to a good standard. 

An excerpt from Personal development, behaviour and welfare:
This area is good

The school’s work to promote pupils’ personal development and welfare is good. 

The spiritual, moral, social and cultural curriculum successfully helps pupils become thoughtful, caring and active citizens. Pupils say how much they enjoy and value the daily assemblies. In these and in lessons, pupils listen carefully and respectfully when others share their thoughts and experiences. 

Pupils say that staff listen and respond to any worries they may encounter both in and outside of school. They say there is little bullying and that any that does occur is dealt with quickly. 

The behaviour of pupils is good. 

During lessons and at break-times the school is orderly and calm. Pupils have positive attitudes to learning and these contribute well to their good progress. They show good levels of concentration and incidents of low-level disruption are rare. 

An excerpt from Outcomes for pupils:
This area is good

Pupils’ work in books and school assessments show that those currently in key stages 1 and 2 are achieving well. Good-quality teaching ensures that they are successfully meeting the demands of the revised, more challenging national curriculum in reading, writing and mathematics. 

If you would like to read the summary of our latest Ofsted report or the full report please visit the Ofsted Website


We have a hardworking and dedicated team of staff who have a common goal in making every child's time in School enjoyable and memorable.

Mrs Debbie Forster

Deputy Headteacher

Mrs Lisa Button

Learning Mentor
Mrs Karen Hickinbottom

EYFS (Reception) Teachers
Miss Sarah Hydes
Miss Sarah Newton (Team Leader)

Teaching Assistants:
Mrs Natalie Allen, Mrs Shelley Hales, Mrs Melissa Johnson

Key Stage 1 (Years 1 & 2)
Miss Jodie Mullenger
Mrs Justine Whitehill
Mrs Emily Cooper
Mrs Sam Williams (Team Leader)
Mrs Marie Wilkinson

Teaching Assistants:
Mrs Lesley Haddington, Mrs Suzanne Kelleher, Mrs Lorraine Morrow, Miss Vicky Pickwell, Mrs Angie Turner, Mrs Kerri-Anne Staurt.

Key Stage 2 Lower (Years 3 & 4) Teachers:
Miss Laura Hill
Miss Bryony Marshall
Mrs Caroline Bailey (Team Leader)
Miss Laura Gray
Mr Jonathan Hextall
Mrs Ros Simpson - SENDCO

Teaching Assistants:
Mrs Sharon Armstrong, Mrs Vanessa Blakey, Miss Stef Dorset (1:1), Mrs Lynnette Evans (1:1), Miss Kate Jones
, Miss Shelly Keeler, Mrs Shelley Lewis, Mrs Lou Woodhall.

Key Stage 2 Upper (Years 5 & 6)
Mrs Lisa Button - Team Leader
Mrs Heidi Murray
Mr Tom Smith
Miss Sam Dawes
Miss Lisa Willoughby

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Carole Bateman, Mrs Sam Brown, Mrs Toni Calvert (1:1), Mrs Claire Herbert, Mrs Teresa Kendall, Mrs Sue Robinson (1:1), Mr Andy Taylor, Mrs Catherine Teanby.

Office Staff
Mrs Judy Pickwell - Administrator
Mrs Julie Dale - Assistant Administrator
Mrs Liz Mager - Finance Administrator
Mrs Catherine Murray - Bursar
Mrs Diane Newbery - Bursar

IT Technicians
Mr Paul Lock
Mr Peter Lock

Site Manager
Mr Tony Pickwell

Lunchtime Supervisors
Mrs Karen Armstrong, Mrs Jane Campling, Mrs Toni Calvert, Mrs Val Cook, Mrs Lynnette Evans, Mrs Linda Foley, Mrs Debbie Foxwell, Mrs Lorna Gosling, Mrs Diane Holmes, Mrs Joan Lammiman, Mrs Keren Lowes, Mrs Roseanne Maxwell, Mrs Michelle Perry, Mrs Elaine Peplow, Mrs Maria Twigg.

Cleaning Staff
Mrs Karen Armstrong, Mrs Jane Campling, Mrs Toni Calvert, Mrs Tina Dennis, Mrs Debbie Foxwell, Mrs Lorna Gosling, Mrs Roseanne Maxwell, Miss Vicky Pickwell.


To view our full Governors page please click HERE.

Chair of Governors:
Mr Andrew Willoughby

Vice Chair of Governors:
Mrs Angie Dewick-Eisele

Link Governor:
Mrs Ruth Taylor

Mrs Debbie Forster

Staff Governor:
Mrs Lesley Haddington

Local Authority Governor:
Mrs Karen Parsons

Parent Governors:
Mrs Angie Dewick-Eisele
Mr Richard Stuart
Mrs Ruth Taylor
Mrs Margaret Woodroffe

Co-opted Governors:
Mrs Jo Bowen
Mrs Diane Newbery

Associate Governors:
Mrs Lisa Button
Mrs Pippa Forman

Mrs Catherine Murray

The Clerk can be contacted at school and is happy to advise on any queries you may wish to raise with the Governing Board.

Who to talk to

Mrs Debbie Forster BSc., PGCE

Deputy Headteacher:
Mrs Lisa Button

Mrs Ros Simpson

Learning Mentor:
Mrs Karen Hickinbottom

Office Staff:
Mrs Catherine Murray- Bursar & Clerk to Governors

Chair of Governors:
Mr Andrew Willoughby

Site Manager
Mr Tony Pickwell



Email: primaryschool@alford.lincs.sch.uk